Home Envy: California Coastal

I can only go so much time without sharing a Newport Beach home. This one really struck me, and now I’m dying to go hunt it down in Corona del Mar so I can see it in person. I wasn’t the least bit shocked to learn it was built and designed by my FAVORITE builder and architect out there. Patterson Custom Homes builds all my favorite houses in that part of the country, and their website is like eye candy for me. Brandon Architects, the mastermind behind Orange County’s most stunning design, seems to be incapable of creating anything that wouldn’t be my dream home. The combination of the two together make an unstoppable team when it comes to Southern California home design.

The interiors are by the OC-based design studio Lindye Galloway Design, who has been featured in prestigious publications including HGTV and West Elm. I love how this house fuses the traditional east coast and light and airy west coast styles into one seamless design. Every room has its own signature look, with color limited to soothing neutrals and shades of blue-gray. Looking through their portfolio is definitely something I recommend if you have free time.

Each space in this home is delightfully unique and its own space separate from the design of the rest of the house. Even the details in every bathroom are so different from one another, yet tie together so cohesively as one stunning home. The huge windows allow indoor-outdoor living even where there are not doors to open. The natural light comes in from all angles and reflects so brightly off all the white surfaces. I love the designer’s use of pattern to make surfaces stand out. Hope you enjoy gawking at this home as much as I did!

Tori BilasComment