Artists of Instagram 9.6.19


Happy Friday! Even though it was a short week I’m still ready for the weekend. Lexington is supposed to be sunny and 80 all weekend so I’ll be outside every chance I get. And the time I spend inside I’ll be painting! Here’s a roundup of cool stuff I found on Instagram this week. There is no shortage of unique artists to find if you just look for them.

@Emmanuel_Jose: This dude’s work is nothing short of awesome. He creates his art out of paper, but it looks so textural and three-dimensional it’s almost hard to believe! His current wait list is 12 months.


@Catcoq: This girl travels the world and runs her own business of creating art and turning it into patterns to sell on products. The llamas are a personal favorite of mine. They’re just so cute! But she has so many cool patterns that would make amazing decor, stationery, phone cases, and more.

@Kate_Tova: This artist’s feed is as vibrant as they come! It’s so fun to look at her work and how she views it in relation to its surroundings. She has such an eye for color and texture and her content is so fascinating! She also shares artist tips in her posts, which I’ve found to be super helpful as I’m growing my business.

@JamesRubyWorks: I am so obsessed with this artist’s dog portraits. They are so real, both in style and in subject matter. He paints the dogs in their most adorable and recognizable ways, even if they are laughable and awkward.


@EquineArt_Sophie: This graphite artist is only 19 years old and is so talented. Her subject matter is similar to mine, but she’s able to get a texture and depth I can only dream of. I love her progress pictures, too, like the one below (featuring her studio buddy).


@Koketit: This artist says it well when she says, “the world is my canvas.” Illustrator, influencer, and traveler, she creates really cool imagery that makes for an intriguing and thought-provoking feed.


@MalloryKeyPortraits: Mallory works with watercolors and was inspired originally by her beloved dog Pete. She has so many animals in her portfolio, from dogs to ostriches to frogs, and it’s all so beautiful and hard to believe it’s watercolor!


@MariMarki: I stumbled upon this art via Create Magazine’s feed, and I laughed so hard scrolling through. Though the language is quite crude, it’s hilarious the way she juxtaposes the old and ornate china with modern lingo. Just be forewarned, her feed is not PG.


@KellyBrewerFineArt: This is a local Lexington artist who’s been featured on Keeneland Magazine! My grandmother knows her relative, so she told me to look her up and I was amazed by her work and use of color to create such vibrant yet natural scenes.


@Hol_Fox: Cookies are art, too! This cookie artist has the most stunning images on her page. Her cookies are truly works of art, and she has the artistic eye to arrange them perfectly with the perfect color background to best showcase them. If you can think of a cookie subject matter, she’s probably done it!

Tori BilasComment