Home Envy: Equestrian Estate

Wellington-based design firm HW Interiors designed this stunning estate on a horse farm in the heart of horse country in Florida. My favorite parts of the home are the bathtub with views of the arena, the horse decor and imagery surrounding the decor, and the leather hippo in the living room. If anyone knows where I can find myself one of those, definitely let me know.

I love how this designer strays from the traditional Floridian style. I’m not a huge fan of Wellington homes because of how ornate and “Floridian” they tend to be, but this design is modern, fresh and bold, which is a delight for anyone down in Florida for extended periods of time. Their use of texture is so intriguing, and keeps your eye moving throughout each room. I also love how the color palette sticks to neutrals but is still so bold and bright. Take a look at all the stunning images of this property and visit their website and Instagram, too!

Tori BilasComment