Ten Thoughts Tuesday

lilia new york city italian restaurant
  1. How color affects you when you travel.

  2. Think birthdays are boring when you’re an adult? Here are 35 of the best grown-up birthday party ideas to celebrate another year of life.

  3. Going home ASAP to make this one-bowl Chocolate Sheet Cake with Peanut Butter frosting.

  4. Went to a video workshop yesterday hosted by the man behind the “Moron Brothers.” You’ve gotta see this to believe it.

  5. New York’s best Italian restaurants have me nearly drooling.

  6. For anyone wondering what life in Lexington is like, this just about sums it up.

  7. Some more awesome new podcasts I need to check out.

  8. 86% of people would break up with someone who doesn’t like their dog. I mean, duh.

  9. 25 ways to use pink in your bedroom design now that you’re an adult.

  10. It officially dropped below 50 degrees in Lexington, so it’s time to start watching holiday movies and planning my trip to the world’s largest Christmas light maze.

christmas light maze
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