Ten Thoughts Tuesday

Happy October! I’m not really feeling the fall vibes because it’s supposed to hit 95 today in Lexington, but people are clearly trying their best to force fall because I was at Target last night and the entire Autumn collection was swept clean of merchandise. All I want is a little rain to make the grass green again and some cooler weather for opening weekend at Keeneland this weekend!

  1. The particularly awesome interior designer (and pony mom) Lauren Nicole Designs just added a “Before and After” page to her website that provides the ultimate eye candy.

  2. How a shoe that looks like a sock became the working woman’s obsession.

  3. OBSESSED with this illustrator.

  4. For all of us creatives who struggle to come up with new ideas, an expert discusses brainstorming and how to generate new ideas.

  5. Ways to seamlessly incorporate equestrian elements into your home decor. Because — trust me — you need more horse in your house.

  6. A quick, comforting recipe for the cooler nights that lie ahead of us (we hope).

  7. For anyone like me who really enjoys podcasts, here’s a list of several to check out.

  8. Since fall is (maybe) coming, here are ways to make your home as cozy as it can be, on a budget.

  9. This cat certainly gave his best effort to jump, but couldn’t quite make it.

  10. A silly but accurate guide on how to recognize famous painters’ art when you see it.

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