Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. The history of the word “hangry,” as if we ever lived in a world without it.

  2. 100 women building America’s most innovative and ambitious businesses

  3. Christmas movie season is upon us! Hallmark has released its 40 premiere dates for the holiday season and I’m pumped.

  4. 20 random acts of kindness to try today, tomorrow, or every day, because the world needs more kindness.

  5. After just attending a horse show that provided those tiny water bottles with about 3 sips of water in each one, this article about banning plastic water bottles at horse shows really resonated. It can’t be that hard to just fill a cooler with fresh water!

  6. This post from Home Bunch featuring Fall Decor is really making me excited for cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and Halloween candy.

  7. The Prime Time Emmy Awards were last night. I remember when I won my first Emmy… My favorite part of awards season is when Holly Phillips of the English Room shares her “Dress to Room Pairings,” which are always SO spot on.

  8. Daniel Jones is officially the coolest person I know, and he just keeps getting cooler.

  9. Wine and Cupcake Pairings… Everything you never realized you need to know.

  10. The importance of being a grateful equestrian, and how it can impact your riding.

Rothchild. Photo by HorseNetwork.

Rothchild. Photo by HorseNetwork.