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Oops, I’m a day late with this post! I accidentally left my laptop at home in Charlotte, so I couldn’t publish this post until today. But there are some good reads in it so I didn’t want to push it to next week. Happy first week of September! (My favorite month!) Time for pumpkin spice everything…

Lindsay Morris for the New York Times

Lindsay Morris for the New York Times

  1. Ever wonder where William and Kate stay when they vacation?

  2. The New York Times wrote a really interesting article on the boujee Hampton Classic Horse Show. See what they had to say about the star-studded event. Sending well wishes to Kevin Babington and his family!

  3. Ever wonder who really makes your favorite Trader Joe’s snacks?

  4. For anyone who wants Golden Goose sneakers, but doesn’t want to pay the price, here’s a cheaper alternative that still turns heads (I can confirm).

  5. Something we can all get behind: A Florida restaurant serves a “dog brunch” with cocktails for your pup.

  6. Travel like a royal in these hotels William and Kate like to frequent.

  7. I realized I didn’t actually own a suitcase bigger than a carry on (efficient travel FTW), so I bought this rolling duffel, which I’m pretty excited about. Booking my next week-long trip stat.

  8. Top 10 books for Fall 2019, by a local Charlotte blog. Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on these after you read them!

  9. Looking to up your Instagram game? Try one of these apps.

  10. International Hunter Derby rider Caitlyn Shiels on how it’s about moments, not ribbons, when it comes to horse showing. I couldn’t agree more.

@_LoganTheFrenchie dines at Brimstone Doral.

@_LoganTheFrenchie dines at Brimstone Doral.

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