Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Ever wonder what it looks like when Icelandic Horses have a photoshoot?

  2. Dying to (a) go to Sonoma and (b) stay HERE. Perhaps the prettiest farmhouse decor I’ve ever seen! Plus the equestrian-themed spa?!

  3. Apparently the key to a happy life is… cheerleading?

  4. The best things to steal in New York. Because stealing is fun.

  5. 10 Helpful hotel tips you may not have heard before.

  6. There are big changes coming to the format of Show Jumping at the 2020 Olympics, and the world’s best riders aren’t pleased. Some even say we have a disaster ahead of us.

  7. When is fall photoshoot time, you ask? Use this fall foliage map to guide you to the ideal weekend for the prettiest leaves.

  8. Mythbusters: Is running really bad for you?

  9. Wondering what color to paint your walls next? Check out these blogger-approved paint colors.

  10. Because I’m full of wanderlust lately… a design lover’s guide to Florence, Italy.

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