Artists of Instagram 8.30.19

Another week in the social media world, and I feel like I’m kind of getting on my feet as an artist on Instagram. I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade (thanks, Natalie Cooper!) and my engagement has grown already as I continue to post content and get my name out there. Here are a few images I found this past week that really caught my eye:

@bymelving: This is a super cool paper artist who creates highly unique pieces using just paper. She creates awesome characters and uses color in such interesting ways. She studied art at Clemson and studied abroad in Orvieto, Italy.


@LauraRatheFineArt: This is a gallery with locations in Houston and Dallas that represents all sorts of artists. Featured in this post is Hunt Rettig, who created this piece using polyester film, synthetic rubber and acrylic. I love the movement and color used in it.


@ErinHansonArtist: This artist paints landscapes in a bold and bright way. I absolutely adore the colors she uses to reach that fine balance between impressionism and pop art. Her pieces would make stunning focal points in any room and her subject matter varies in interesting ways, as well.


@Mroi: This is my kind of abstract art. Artist Margaret Roi describes her process as “creating intimate conversations one layer at a time.” I think the movement and dialogue she puts into each piece is truly remarkable.


@CustomArtbyNatCoop: I discovered this awesome portrait artist last week and actually got the chance to talk with her on the phone about my Instagram strategy! She offers Instagram consulting and she really knows her stuff! So cool to have the knowledge to properly showcase the amazing work she creates.


@BAThomasArt: A close friend of mine from high school, this artist has really explored so many different styles of art that are all so interesting and well-done. I absolutely loved her subject matter in this particular piece, as well as the vibrant colors and how they popped off the cool background. She’s going to do big things in the world of painting!


@Peytons_Post: Another friend from my high school and fellow rider, this artist makes really fun watercolor pieces that she then turns into stationery, invitations, prints and more. She’s really filling a unique niche with her pieces, and quite a few of them feature equestrian subjects. She’s very versatile with what she can create!


@KevinGillentine: The softness of this artist’s work was what really struck me. He also shows his pieces in the studio which shows a sort of behind-the-scenes aspect of reality we all love to see as art fans. His soft aesthetic is just so pleasing to look at and makes me want to take a trip somewhere completely off the grid.


@CarolynNikolaiPortraits: This portrait artist displays her work on her feed in an interesting way, and she’s super talented as well so I love to see all her posts. They’re all displayed as the pieces of art they are, whether she includes a paintbrush, zooms out a little on the final piece, or shows the bookmarks or other unique pieces she’s created with her art.


@TheHunt_Eq: I found this account through one of my all-time favorite Instagrammers, @MiltonMenasco. This awesome horse girl has a super unique hobby: needlepoint! And she makes awesome and trendy pieces with her abilities, not the stuff your grandma might make.

Tori BilasComment