Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. A stunning Beverly Hills home you have to see.

  2. I’m probably not alone in that I’ve had Taylor Swift’s new album on repeat since it was released Friday. Read why Rolling Stone thinks it’s the ultimate Taylor Swift album.

  3. Protesters interrupted Marc Houtzager’s final round of the European jumping championships on Sunday, and despite the chaos, he still rode a superb clear round. If that’s not hyper-focus at its finest, I’m not sure what is.

  4. Can you really take an online course on how to be happy?

  5. A must-read for women’s fiction, by one of my favorite authors. And, it’s set in Kentucky!

  6. Hunt Slonem, famous for his bunny paintings, is selling all sorts of fun products featuring his work.

  7. Ever wanted to put a hat wall in your home? I haven’t but now I want to. Here’s your ultimate inspiration.

  8. A list of the best fall vacation spots. Booking them all right now.

  9. The best kitchens on Instagram. Want them all.

  10. Sign me up for a vacation to this dreamy Italian town.

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