5 Things I Do Every Day to Feel My Best

If you ever feel like you’re dragging through the days and weeks like I sometimes do, it’s time to identify what it is you can do each day to make yourself feel more motivated and more alive. When the days get long, I lose motivation, but typically there are five things that bring me back into the headspace I need to get things done and power through my day.

These five things are different for everyone, so maybe none of these would help you, maybe one or two will. Maybe you completely resonate and try to do these five things, as well. Whatever it is that makes you a healthier and happier person, try to fit that into your daily routine as best you can. Even when days get busy, most of these are things I can still squeeze in time for if I really try.

Send me any tips you have on what helps you feel better during a busy day!


1. Drink water.

It’s something everyone preaches, but I can’t stress the importance of hydration to really feel your best. I make it easier on myself by buying the largest water bottles I can so I don’t have to fill up as frequently, but I still feel like I’m constantly at the water fountain at work! I try to drink one full bottle before I begin my day so I start off hydrated and don’t have to play catch-up. Then I try to drink another full bottle between each meal and again sometime after dinner. It really boosts my energy levels and makes me feel like I am ready for anything at all times of the day! When I start to feel that afternoon slump at work, water is always my life saver.

I promise you won’t regret it, except when you have to get up to use the bathroom every 30 minutes. But hey — getting those steps in!

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2. Exercise

This looks different for everyone. For me, it’s either going running or riding my horse (outdoors on most days, unless it’s yucky). To get outside and just forget about my daily responsibilities for a short time is the best feeling. I love to get my heart rate up a little and feel like I really accomplished something, and the serenity of riding in the peace and quiet is near impossible to beat.

Whether it’s yoga, walking your dog, lifting weights or anything else active, getting moving each day is so crucial to improving your mood and overall well being. I know I feel lousy on days I’m stuck being completely sedentary, so I highly prioritize my opportunities to move around!

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3. Read

This is the one that probably gets neglected the most in my daily routine. I LOVE to buy new books; I’m always so obsessed with reading the back cover and getting excited about a new read. But I’m not as good at reading all my new books quickly. I try to carve out time before I go to sleep to put my phone away and just focus on the book I’m reading. I love the feeling of getting lost in a book. Below are a few I’ve read (and loved) recently!

I like to alternate between something suspenseful and something light-hearted and fun. Sometimes I get a little too lost in the suspense and need a little break before I read something intense again.

4. Talk with someone.

Whether it’s in person or over the phone, it’s always important to me I share something about my day with someone else. It’s harder for me now than it’s been in the past since I live alone for the first time, but I try to either get together with friends in my apartment or call someone close to me so we can catch up.

For me, personally, I think it’s good for my health to share your thoughts and connect with others. I took the Myers-Briggs personality assessment last year and erred slightly on the side of introverted, which makes sense because I do turn inward often, but I have to fight those inward urges sometimes when I know I’m better off to be with someone or to talk to someone over the phone or FaceTime.

Tonight it will be easier to connect with others because Bachelor in Paradise is on, and that is definitely a group activity.

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5. Get to bed early.

I’ve always been a fairly early riser, but I find it harder each morning to get up out of bed, especially if I stayed up an hour too late watching Younger or Mindhunter. I try to set a specific “bed time” and alter all my evening plans accordingly on week nights. Of course, things throw this schedule off and I have to adapt, but I’m much more awake during the day if I can stick to my 8-hour night’s rest.

If these things don’t help you to sleep better, I don’t know what will:

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