Artists of Instagram 8.23.19

I’ve recently launched an Instagram specifically for my art business, so if you haven’t yet, go give it a follow! It’s opened my eyes to all the ways artists market themselves on social media, and I’m really pushing to grow my presence as a 21st century artist in the digital space. Social media is how I’ve earned so many of my commissions, so mastering my self-promotion via Instagram could be huge for me! I’m excited to see where it takes me, so follow me and tell your friends to follow me!

If I hadn’t already spent hours on Instagram with my job managing USHJA’s account, along with my own personal distractions on my Insta feed, I now add at least an hour to each day scrolling through art that I find inspirational. I’ve followed accounts from oil painters and graphic illustrators to ceramic artists and even soap artists! Wanted to share some of the cooler posts I stumbled upon in this week of scrolling.

@JasonAndersonArt: This is a UK-based artist I’ve recently started following, and he paints these awesome abstract cityscapes with such beautiful use of color. All of his works are similar in that they’re geometric in the center, then get loose and abstract-like as they fade out to the edges. His use of shape and color just gets me every time. He also posts a black and white pen-and-ink sketch with each piece to show how his process begins. It amazes me how the sketch ultimately turns into this!


@Lastochkina_Studio: This artist is from Moscow but now based in LA, and I love her use of mixed media to get such a cool crackling effect. She’s got all sorts of interesting art on her page and I love her use of color.


@LuciaLitman: This is one of my favorite Instagram accounts ever. She is so creative and posts a wide variety of content, all with the common threads of vibrant color and powerful message.


@TeddiParkerArt: I really love this artist’s style and her use of color and texture to make her interesting subjects come to life. She also shares progress images in her posts so you can see how she gets from beginning to end!


@CustomArtbyNatCoop: I always love a fellow custom pet portrait artist, but this one especially caught my eye for how unique her portraits are. She also shares time lapses of her creative process which I find so cool. She’s really mastered the art of self-promotion on Instagram and I really hope my account can be something like hers one day!


@Bonny_Snowdon_FineArt: This is an account I’ve followed for a while on my personal Instagram and she’s just insanely talented. I love the softness her work has while still looking hyperrealistic. She also posts progress pictures which I find super cool.


@CristallHarper: This is by far one of my favorite artists that I follow. Her animal portraits just blow me away every time with her use of abstraction to create such stunning and realistic works. One of my favorite things she does is she creates a carousel of images beginning with the whole painting, followed by closeups of the detail including brushstrokes, paint splatter and more.


@Pantone: This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing accounts the app has to offer, I guarantee it. While lots of accounts are on the Pantone bandwagon and use their paint swatches in really interesting ways, the brand itself shares its own take on color in a multitude of ways. It’s probably not surprising that they flow in and out of different color schemes so their feed is like one giant rainbow. I could spend hours looking through their content.


@Good.Vibes.Soap: Lastly, just because I had to prove I do, in fact, follow a soap account. But it’s so beautiful!!! There’s art in everything if you choose to see it.

Tori BilasComment