Ten Thoughts Tuesday

I’m back to the office life this week, which seems a little less exciting than what last week had in store, but it’s nice to actually have time to catch up on work, do a little art in the evenings, and get to ride my horse again! I had so many emails from last week that just piled up because I had no time to read them, so I’m hoping they serve as some good content for today.

As always, send me links you’ve found interesting recently! I always love to learn new things and read interesting content that’s out there.

Kit Porter’s “By the Boathouse”

Kit Porter’s “By the Boathouse”

  1. This cool blog post about Women in Art is everything. I can certainly relate when the author said all the females in her family have creative and artistic talents. There’s no lack of artistic ability among the women in my family!

  2. What your closet truly needs this August (mine, too).

  3. A stunning home reno, Fixer Upper style.

  4. For my horsey friends, what did you learn from your first horse? I feel like I’ve learned more from my current horse than all my earlier ones combined, but each horse did teach me a unique lesson.

  5. I’m a sucker for some true crime to listen to on road trips, so here are the best true crime podcast episodes out there.

  6. More horse content (not sorry): Heels Down Media just launched “soap for dirty equestrians” and I’m not mad about it.

  7. Daydreaming about my next travel adventure, and San Francisco is high on my list of places to get back to ASAP. Especially once it gets cold and gray in Kentucky.

  8. Love this artist’s use of color and shape. She’s based in Charlotte, too! She’s represented by Atlanta’s Anne Irwin Fine Art, a gallery that has actually featured me in two of their Emerging Artists Shows.

  9. Five habits that make you stand out at work, because you deserve to be noticed.

  10. I’m all about reusable items; I don’t go anywhere without my 32-oz water bottle! Here’s a list of ways you can incorporate more reusable items into your life.

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