Wednesday Wanderlust

Somewhere that’s always appealed to me as a dreamy destination is the Maldives. Although I don’t typically like vacation spots that are completely off the radar, I think everyone could benefit from a little slice of heaven that a resort like this has to offer.

This resort, The Conrad Maldives, focuses completely on the seamless relationship between indoor and outdoor, with each of its accommodations striking the perfect balance and allowing guests the full luxury of relaxation in paradise. Located on Rangali Island, it takes a seaplane and then a speedboat or yacht transfer from a nearby island to get to this final destination. The hotel even has its own private lounge at the closest airport for its guests.


The hotel is made up of many villas, and you can check out all the floorplans on the website if you would like to see all they have to offer.

One of the most unique hotel experiences is the Muraka, a special accommodation the Conrad is proud to offer. Referred to as the “subaquatic garden,” you have the choice to stay underneath the surface of the ocean as you watch the marine life dance around you while relaxing in bed. The entire accommodation is two floors, with the master set 16 feet below sea level. The option also comes with a private chef and 24-hour butler service.


There are 12 world-class restaurants at this resort, including the country’s first underwater dining experience.

The best part, in my opinion, is that the ocean is never more than a few feet away no matter where you are on this breathtaking property.

If you’re not already busy planning your itinerary for when you get to take this magnificent trip in your life, you better get planning. Happy travels!

Blissfully, T.

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