Ten Thoughts Tuesday

In the hours of internet scouring I do each day for work (and the few I add in each day that aren’t work-related), I’ve stumbled upon too much interesting content to not share. Each Tuesday, I’ll send out a list of ten links I’ve visited recently in attempt to bring some joy, intrigue, or just a little fun to your inbox.

  1. My new job is all about social media. So I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can from what other brands do in their social media strategy! There’s so much cool content out there, it makes for endless exploring.

  2. I just bought this coffee table for my new apartment and it’s so perfect. And for a great price, too!

  3. For anyone struggling with personal finances… (what even is investing??) This link has six apps that can help you save money. I’ve downloaded a few of them, but haven’t started using them.

  4. My favorite jewelry designer in Charlotte! She lives in my neighborhood and had a big blowout sale in June, so I stocked up on cute earrings and necklaces. She’s really talented and always coming up with new and exciting designs!

  5. How to stay involved in horse sports, even when you don’t have a horse.

  6. June 2019 book releases, many of which are on my list for summer reading.

  7. Here’s a recipe for ya: Healthy Copycat Samoa Cookies, so it can be girl-scout-cookie season all year long.

  8. My all-time favorite podcast is Bachelor Party, which has evolved into just 45 minutes of talking about Tyler Cameron, the dreamy former Wake Forest QB and current contestant on the Bachelorette. The host is so funny and always has fascinating insights on the show that you probably miss if you’re watching while drinking wine and/or chatting with friends.

  9. I am so excited I get to go back to my favorite horse show this year!!! Here’s a detailed article on fun things to do over a weekend in the amazing Blowing Rock, North Carolina (other than horse-show, obviously).

  10. The funniest tweet I saw all week.

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