Home Envy: Whimsical Pastels

Every single element in every single space of this room caught my attention. It’s so whimsical and fun, yet the colors are subdued enough that it’s not too busy and the elements all work together. Courtney Bishop is the mastermind designer behind this home, and her mission behind each design is “ensuring that you instantly feel welcome, at ease, and inspired in your space.”

The kitchen is so bright and airy, yet leaves room for patterns and textures that let the space pop. The mint chairs really make a statement as the only pop of color in this space, and the bar stool cushions echo that minty color.

The use of pattern in the bedrooms is impeccable, with unique textiles and accents to really bring the spaces to life. The kids’ bedrooms are the cutest and most fun spaces I’ve seen, and there are many large pieces that are timeless enough to last until they grow up, when the accessories can be exchanged for more mature decor. The music room has an extra edgy feel to it that the rest of the home lacks. You really feel like each space has its own unique character, yet the rooms all seamlessly connect.

I loved exploring this home, and I hope you do, too! Check out the designer’s site for even more inspiration!

Tori BilasComment