Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Ever wondered why we’re all so obsessed with true crime? (Is it just me?)

  2. A roundup of the best fall candles for every occasion.

  3. Ready why this Olympian wants you to drink the champagne.

  4. Because I’m a documentary nut: 30 of the most thought-provoking documentaries to watch on Hulu. Next on my list is Page One.

  5. Step aside, horse racing. Pug racing is all the rage in Hamburg, Germany.

  6. On my reading list: American Royals.

  7. Last-minute Halloween costumes you can get from Amazon.

  8. These books are begging to be made into movies. How many have you read?

  9. One road trip, ALL 47 United States national parks.

  10. Perhaps the most important link I’ve ever shared: the ten best cookie recipes you need in your life.

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