Home Envy: Urban Oasis

This home caught my eye for so many reasons. First of all, it’s in Texas. Who would’ve thought?! Also, it’s got this incredible organic modern style that I’ve really never seen executed in such a way before. It’s designed by Urbanology Designs, and the name really fits the aesthetic in my opinion. I love the use of natural wood in so many different ways that all seem to work together. Usually when I go into a room with multiple wood grains I leave immediately, but each room in this house is so perfectly crafted it makes me want to move in and stay forever.

The exterior uses interesting materials I’ve never seen used in this way before. I love the dark windows and garage doors as well to provide contrast from the lighter materials. It’s a really simple design overall, which lets the materials speak for themselves and not compete with any other aspect of the design.

The kitchen might be one of my favorite rooms. I love the color used on all the cabinets and how they really anchored the space with that unique wood island. Most designers wouldn’t think that way, but it really works so seamlessly in this space. The furniture in the rest of the home also echoes that combination, mixing light shades of ivory and gray with slightly darker wood tones. The colors used are all neutral, so you really get that organic feel. The shapes of the furniture also echo the organic vibe, but the house still boasts plenty of clean lines to contrast that.

I love the way the designer accessorized, too. From stylish throws to eye-catching centerpieces to even football helmets, the accessorizing is really done well to highlight the decor and the lines of the home. See the full article on OneKinDesign.com!

Tori BilasComment