Home Envy: Three Arch Bay

I can’t seem to get my mind off these Southern California coastal homes, especially when Pure Salt Interiors is involved. This amazing new project was revealed just last week on their social media and website, and I just swoon over every image. And if the home isn’t stunning enough, the ocean views take it over the top.

Laguna Beach has an incredibly vibrant art scene, complete with galleries along the main highway and an art festival I’ve gotten the chance to see in person. To make the cut as a creative in this artsy haven, you have to be really good, and these designers have passed the ultimate test. Their homes are all a work of art, and it’s art I want to just keep looking at.

The color palette is so serene and calming. Bright interiors reflect the California sunshine and the beiges and blues bring the beach inside, as do all the natural elements such as plants, wicker and wood grains used as accessories. I’m trying to find inspiration in homes all over the world, but something about these Orange County ones just keep pulling me in!

Tori BilasComment