Easter-Inspired Art

Spring is (finally) starting to show up here in places on the east coast after a rather rough winter, and I couldn't be happier about it. The cherry blossoms and daffodils are blooming and the trees are starting to show signs of life. My horse is even coming out of his paddock tinted green due to the pollen beginning to build up! 

There's no better way to celebrate the new life that comes around this time of year than with artwork. Art can capture the feelings and colors that spring brings better than anything else. Many artists love to paint in springtime colors, and this time of year always brings extra inspiration to create works using the prettiest colors our palettes can make. 

From flowers to animals to abstracts, here is an array of springtime works perfect to spread some cheer as we go into Easter weekend. As you visit with family, enjoy the (hopefully) warm and sunny weather, and spend lots of time outside, pay a little extra attention to the beautiful colors and scenery all around you that often leads to inspiration for paintings such as these.

Each of these works holds special meaning to me, whether it's because I know the artist personally, studied under the artist, or have been a frequent visitor to the gallery that represents the artist. Art like this can be so easy to find if you seek it. Maybe a fun Easter weekend activity could be to scope out some smaller art galleries near you and go see some works in person! Happy Easter to all! 

Andy Braitman,  Untitled

Andy Braitman, Untitled

Tricia Strickfaden,  Sitting Wishing Waiting

Tricia Strickfaden, Sitting Wishing Waiting

Wendy Bilas,  Spring Tulips

Wendy Bilas, Spring Tulips

Charlotte Foust,  Teal Vista

Charlotte Foust, Teal Vista

Carol Maguire,  Peaceful

Carol Maguire, Peaceful

Gina Brown,  Bunny 1

Gina Brown, Bunny 1

Jenny Prinn

Jenny Prinn

Taelor Fisher,  Garden

Taelor Fisher, Garden

Gary Bodner,  Kaleidoscope

Gary Bodner, Kaleidoscope

Robert Langford

Robert Langford

Wendy Bilas,  Concerto

Wendy Bilas, Concerto

Tori Bilas,  Sparkling

Tori Bilas, Sparkling

Lynn Sanders,  Springtime Dance

Lynn Sanders, Springtime Dance

Sunny Goode

Sunny Goode

Cristall Harper,  Silver Lining

Cristall Harper, Silver Lining

Saliha Staib,  Cotton I

Saliha Staib, Cotton I

Christy Kinard,  This Is How My Orchids Grow  

Christy Kinard, This Is How My Orchids Grow 

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