What to get Bae for Valentine's Day

This isn't the typical "what to get your bae" for Valentine's Day blog post that you're probably seeing all over social media right now. Whether you're single or in a devoted relationship, bae has taken on so many diverse definitions. Everyone has a bae, and everyone's bae deserves to be acknowledged this Valentine's Day. Below are small gifts to give to anyone special to show they mean something to you. Also encouraged: celebrate yourself this Valentine's Day by treating yourself to one of the awesome gifts listed below!


If bae is your bff...

Get her something only single girls would appreciate.

Tell your BFF to flaunt the fact that she's single with this Girl Gang iPhone Case. Any girl walking around with this doesn't need a relationship to define her and this case boosts confidence every time it's looked at

These say it all. Get your girl these "Ugh" Earrings so she doesn't even have to speak to show how over it she is this Valentine's Day.

If you know Valentine's Day is really not your BFF's fave, this Creepy Love Sweater will let everyone know she is not to be bothered with ooey-gooey Valentine's Day treats and comments. She can go about her day like it's a normal one, and be pretty trendy at the same time.

If bae is your roommate...

Make a dreamy breakfast for two with this Double-Heart Fried Egg Mold

For the one with whom you always drink your morning coffee, a cute mug is the perfect way to show your affection.

Let's be real -- when you give your roommate a present, there's always a part of you thinking about the fact that she will be sharing it with you. These Festive Chocolate Covered Strawberries are not just a gift for her, but also for you, so you can spend V Day watching chick flicks and indulging in sweet treats that are (kinda) healthy.

If bae is your mom...

Get your mom a cute kitchen accessory she can use to serve hors d'oeuvres to her girlfriends on Valentine's Day (and most likely keep on the counter all year long because it's so trendy).

Moms love their morning coffee, and they also love reminders that their children love them, so this mug kills two birds with one stone! 

For the book-loving mom, this candle makes the perfect gift because of how personal it can be, even though it's just a candle. 

If bae is your dog...

My pup is all about the squeaky toys, and the squeakier the better for her because she gets to drive us all crazy. This "Love Pup" Caterpillar Toy will make your dog feel extra special and squeaky this Valentine's Day, and the plus is that the squeaker will likely not last until February 15th.

Get the athletic pooch these Valentine's Day-colored tennis balls, because even though dogs are color-blind, at least you'll feel a little more V-Day love while playing fetch. On Valentine's Day we all could use someone we love to run towards us with the excited expression of a retriever fetching a tennis ball.

Get your hungry dog these "I Woof You" dog cookies, because you know EVERY dog truly appreciates artfully made iced cookies and will savor the flavor and texture, making every penny worth it. I'm sure your dog will also appreciate that they're completely organic and grain-free.


If bae is your horse...

Every pony needs a Pink Pony Turnout Sheet for Valentine's Day to replace that old tattered sheet covered in mud. Sure, this one will be covered in mud by the end of the day, but with such a bright and fun color, you'll still get hints of pink to remind you it's a special day.

Make V-Day extra snazzy with this Sparkly Valentine's Day Saddle Pad. Pink looks good on any horse, and you'll certainly stand out of a crowd.

Most of our horses know they're the shit, so why not lean in and buy them some extra treats to make them feel special on Valentine's Day. Stud Muffins are every horse's favorite; I've never known a horse to turn one down.

If bae is your S.O....

Virtual reality is the new coolest thing ever, and you can get it cheap for your Valentine with this Virtual Reality Headset. Extra bonus is that, as long as you stay together, you get to use them as much as you want!

These Pizza Socks will make your man the coolest guy around on Valentine's Day. Even better: pair these on top of a freshly-delivered pizza to share over a movie of his choice.

Get him some Ugg Scuff Slippers this V-Day because no man is too manly to wear Uggs.

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