10 Life Lessons to Learn from Kanye

He may hold a controversial existence in our society, especially after naming his children North and Saint West, but, shockingly, his music seems to offer some insightful advice on life if you take the time to listen closely. Kanye West has created his own persona in the world of pop culture and has exploded with fame over the past 10 years. Part of what makes him so intriguing is his unique approach to life in which he is the center and doesn't let anyone tell him what to do. Though he's seen as conceited and cocky, his lyrics have a few moments of bliss during which he reveals truths about life that make you want to listen.

No one loves Kanye more than Kanye, and a lot of us struggle to live a life in which we are the center, depriving ourselves of opportunity, success, and happiness. We should all take a little time to celebrate our inner Kanye and treat ourselves with the admiration we deserve. 

We all try constantly to be someone we're not: smarter, prettier, more successful, you name it. We are unsatisfied with who we are because of constant comparison to everyone else. Kanye knows who he is, and he's not trying to change a thing. He knows that the qualities he possesses are everything he needs to truly BE Kanye, and that any extra qualities he may desire would make him someone else entirely.

Life Lesson #1: You are enough, just the way you are. Don't dwell on what your life is missing, but appreciate what you have and what makes you whole.

I can relate to rolling over to turn my alarm off with dread to start my day. For so many days in a row, each morning was rung in with negativity as I feared the day ahead. Kanye doesn't let this happen. Kanye wakes up with a strong mindset, knowing the day before will be grand. Because he is Kanye.  

Life Lesson #2: Always start your day with a positive attitude. It will make each day brighter and more successful, allowing you to be the best version of you every single day.

To all the ladies out there, in the wake of a strong movement to push women's empowerment, know that you are powerful. Kanye recognizes that, saying that no matter how great he may be, he still basks in the glory of women. He gives them the respect and authority they deserve in this lyric, knowing that he is King, but the Queen is really the one making things happen.

Life Lesson #3: Never underestimate the power of a woman (or yourself, if you are a woman).

We live our lives meeting-to-meeting, email-to-email, and constantly booking our schedules to the point where we don't have time to sit and take in the beauty around us. Kanye, surely victim of an overburdened schedule since he is the almighty Kanye, asks if he can just take a timeout and unwind, something we all need to be reminded to do more frequently. Unplug, look at the scenery, enjoy your surroundings, and connect with someone or something. Later in life you'll regret all the missed opportunities to appreciate the present moment.

Life Lesson #4: Live in the moment and appreciate everything around you.

We all know the cliche "money can't buy happiness," but somehow it sounds more poetic coming out of a Kanye song. For someone with all the money to buy fancy things and provide everything for his family that he could want, he even admits there are deeper and more important things he wants that are unattainable to him. We all crave what money can't buy. We just have to master our abilities to obtain these things from life to reach pure happiness.

Life Lesson #5: Focus your goals on achieving what money can't buy you, because that will lead to the most enriching life experiences and fulfillment.

Insecurity is often our biggest weakness itself, as so many of us are hindered by not believing in ourselves or our abilities to succeed at the highest level. We see those around us thriving off their own confidence and reaching the highest ranks, becoming the envy of us all who are too quiet and insecure to push ourselves to our fullest potential. Kanye reminds us that he sees the strength in all of us, and knows that even the most insecure need to put their weaknesses aside and let themselves flourish. Our insecurities are often the number one culprit holding us back from achieving our dreams, so remind yourself of how amazing you are, and then you can gain the confidence you need to succeed.

Life Lesson #6: Do not dwell on your insecurities, but rather focus on your strengths to build confidence and succeed in whatever it is you want to pursue.

So many of us avoid reaching high for fear of disappointment if our dreams don't become reality. Kanye clearly doesn't live this way, and it's helped him to accomplish his goals and make his dreams come true (because seriously, how many of us don't aspire to be married to Kim Kardashian). If we don't have high aspirations and unrealistic goals, how will we ever truly succeed? Even if we don't reach those dreams, just below our dreams is still pretty damn good. Reaching average goals is often unfulfilling, so knowing you accomplished something huge, even if not the highest goal you set for yourself, can lift you into the clouds. Plus, it's never too late to reach the stars.

Life Lesson #7: Set your goals high, because that leads to the highest motivation for success.

I can't write an inspirational Kanye blog post without this iconic lyric. Its essence is so simple: be yourself, and don't let anyone else tell you you're not good enough, or you're not doing it right. Embrace your own vibe and know that only you bring that vibe to the world.

Life Lesson #8: Be you. No one else. Unless you can be Kanye. Then definitely be Kanye.

We live our lives too concerned with what others think and forget too often that others' perceptions of us are just not the most important thing in the world. What matters is that we are happy with ourselves, not that others are impressed or pleased by our actions. Do a little more to celebrate you, without worrying about other people judging you.

Life Lesson #9: Live your life the way you want to live it, and don't let anyone else's judgment tell you otherwise.

Though a bit morbid, Kanye's trying to say here that life is what you make of it and you're not guaranteed anything, so it's up to you to make your life meaningful. Without our own ambitions, each day just comes and goes until our days ultimately run out. But if we are inspired to live deep and meaningful lives, we hold the power to make each day count and create a life worth living.

Life Lesson #10: Don't take life for granted and make the most out of the days you're given.

No life lesson here, just thought I'd end with this... #kanye 


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