Artist Spotlight: Bato Dugarzhapov

Now that I've started classes and realized I need to work towards not only a semester-long art project, but an entire year-long one as well, I've been avidly searching the internet for any art inspiration I can find. And the results have been overwhelming, but so satisfying and intriguing. Each artist I've encountered has his or her own unique style, something I'm trying so desperately to find for myself right now. I'm hoping through the course of this year, I'll be able to practice enough of my art, in combination with more research on well-known artists, and discover my own sense of style through painting and color.

This artist was one I stumbled upon on Pinterest, a Russian artist named Bato Dugarzhapov. He paints very serene impressionistic landscapes, and his use of color is so beautiful and calming. None has very much action at all, besides flowing water or waves, and the color he uses to represent each piece of the landscape is so vivid and eye-catching, but seems to work flawlessly amidst the other colors he chooses. His paintings create a magical world of color that I wish to always live in. He uses stunning shades of blue and purple that make shadows beautiful, ethereal presences, rather than dark and heavy, as they often appear in real life. His use of brushstroke is so delicate but so effortless, as he provides the perfect marks of light and detail without drawing too much attention to one part of the piece. His paintings show how magical and wonderful nature can be, if only one can see it through the eyes of an artist.

He was born in 1966 in the Chita region of Russia, and attended the Moscow Art School and the Moscow State Art Institute. He went on to participate in countless group and individual exhibitions to show his work, and now his work resides in private collections in Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, Japan, Cyprus, and Croatia.

Art critic L.S. Tonkih says of Dugarzhapov's work, "[His] paintings attract by their light attitude towards the life, their style and colouring. It is clearly displayed in his landscapes in which he managed to express the tenderness, delicacy and charm of nature. His landscapes plunged into the special luminous environment, testify to the great painting culture of the artist, to his profound understanding of color and space relations. Delicate haze of dawns, loveliness of quiet evenings, mystery of twilight... It is Russia that is poetically reflected in the paintings by the artist."

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