Dream Bedroom

As I gain some square footage in my bedroom going into my senior year of college, I've been thinking of how to make my space the most beautiful it can possibly be. My bedroom is my haven, where I can express my style, and where I feel most at home. It represents my favorite colors, my favorite styles, and who I am as a designer. 

When I was moving into my freshman year dorm, I found the most perfect pillows I've ever laid eyes on. I knew that they had to be mine and that we would be very happy together for many years to come. Now that I've moved on to a larger bed, I was able to acquire one more pillow so these beauties can stretch all the way across my bed. They are the focal point of the room, and every other choice in design I make is based around these pillows from Piper Collection. 

Though I have a bit more freedom in design this year, I'm still living in University housing, so the typical ugly dorm furniture will be provided, but I will do everything I can to enhance the overall style of the room. Most of these featured pieces will not be in my bedroom this year to come but are on my mind as I start to think about post-grad life and how I will design a more permanent space. 

I haven't designed my bedroom since middle school, so getting the chance to recreate my space as a 21-year-old is a new and exciting experience. I want the space to be mature, yet comfy and cozy, and I want it to be a place I feel completely and totally relaxed. I'm a sucker for Christmas lights, so those will likely be draped across the corners of the walls. 

If you have any questions or want me to help you pull together looks for your dorm or apartment bedroom, definitely reach out to me! I absolutely love pulling together spaces around certain pieces, or even just adding a little flair to make a space just a little more perfect.

Shop the look here:

Bella Pillow from Piper Collection, Big Al Pillow from Piper Collection, Curtains from Anthropologie, Light Fixture from 2Modern.com, Headboard from Rowe Furniture, Ottoman from West Elm, Lamp from Interiors Online, Candle from Saks Fifth Avenue, Wall Art from RachelGeorge.com (on sale!)

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