Kitchen Envy

There's a new kitchen trend taking the country by storm. It's so prevalent and beautiful that even my family caved and redesigned in order to fit in. And now, I see kitchens all over Pinterest that look just like my own, and I feel super trendy and stylish. 

The new big thing in kitchens is light and bright. Off-white, gray, greige, and beige cabinets topped with stunning Calcutta marble and lots of natural light. Hardware is minimal, often in silver and more frequently in handle form rather than knobs.

Sure, trends come and go, but the current style is timeless and classy. I have faith that anyone who remodels their kitchen to resemble these will not soon regret their decision. Neutrals go with everything, and light fixtures, accents, and accessories can be switched for years to come to keep up with evolving trends. 

Many are even taking marble from their countertop and extending it up the backsplash, as opposed to a stylish tile, or down the siding of an island. Marble is a hot commodity, so it doesn't come cheap, but it can be worth every penny because of how stunning it is in a bright kitchen. 

Glass light fixtures are another way designers are adding light into these bright kitchens. Glass fixtures don't provide any bulky, dark elements that could draw the eye away from the light elements of the room. There is nothing obstructing the light they emit, so in the evenings the space stays just as bright and airy.

I love funky, creative kitchens as much as the next design fanatic, but something about these simple and timeless designs just makes me swoon. I love feeling happy and bright feelings when in the kitchen, because it is the most important room in the house. I have made some wonderful memories in my kitchen with family and friends, and it's a space I want to be in even more now that it is as beautiful as it is.

Tori BilasComment