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I've recently felt extremely inspired by some of the bloggers I follow closely. Though I'm always drawn to the beautiful blogs I stumble upon on the web, I have a few favorites that I always check up on and enjoy receiving their weekly newsletters and keeping up with them on Instagram. They are mostly fashion bloggers, but also focus on some of my other favorite things such as interior design, weddings, travel, and food. They've all mastered the visual design of their webpages and I am so pulled in to every post I read because of how beautifully crafted it is. 

Their photography is sensational, as well. Most of these girls are the stars of their own photos, wearing a new beautiful outfit or traveling to a new, exciting place. Most of them share the details of the outfit and where each piece can be purchased, as well. 

These girls are all flawless in their own ways, and I love how each blogger adds her own unique look and personality to her blog. It's amazing how well you can feel like you know a blogger just by what she chooses to post and how she portrays herself. They share what inspires them, and this in turn inspires me. I would really like to get into the business of blogging, but I know I have a ways to go if I want to be as successful as any of these ladies. But for now, I plan to follow them studiously and gain whatever knowledge I can from observing the way they run their publications. Please go check them out and follow any that appeal to you!

1. A Lonestar State of Southern

Kate Padgett, creator of A Lonestar State of Southern, is probably the reason I became as interested in blogging as I am. She works with a company called, which allows her Instagram posts to embed links to where each item of clothing featured can be purchased. She reached out to me a few years ago to invite me to be a part of this company, and I loved working with them. Ever since interacting with her, I've been an avid follower of her blog and her posts just keep getting better and better. She is a beautiful, happy, charismatic Texas girl who has every Southern girl's dream closet for sure. She loves all things monogramed, and she's also a horseback rider, both of which make me love her even more! She's so fun to keep up with on all forms of social media, because every post is so different and exciting. She also fills her outfits and images with color to reflect what a colorful and fun life she lives!

2. Design Darling

Mackenzie Horan is a 25-year-old Dallas girl who started her blog in 2009 and it evolved into an online boutique as well. My favorite part of her blog is what she calls "101 Things in 1001 days," a list of things she'd like to accomplish such as reading different books, reconnect with people, see concerts, learn new things, and much more. Her blog is a beautiful window into her creative and colorful spirit, and she serves as the model for her stunning photoshoots. She also provides inspiration on travel, interiors, career, gift guides, and more. Her website leads to endless exploration and inspiration!

3. Cupcakes and Cashmere

I first heard of Cupcakes and Cashmere on a clothing label, but I later picked up a book in a design store written by Emily Schuman herself about how her blogging business has turned into a clothing label, a career, and more. She's an LA girl, and started her blog as a way to document the things she loves. According to the blog, the focus is "to encourage and inspire readers through fashion, food, beauty, and interior design." Her book, released in 2012, became a national bestseller and her clothing label can be found at stores such as Nordstrom, as well as high-end boutiques all over the country. You can shop her full collection on as well! Her blog covers all aspects of fashion, food, beauty, decor, DIY, and special personal posts. 

4. Gal Meets Glam

Julia Engel is one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and fascinating bloggers I've ever come across, and she has created a picture-perfect blog that makes her nothing less than a perfect princess exploring the world and doing so very, very stylishly. She took the leap to become a full-time blogger in 2013 and has been beyond successful ever since. She travels the world with her photographer husband, and every new photo shows her flawless beauty and style in a picture-perfect new location. She also gives beauty tips and shares all about the incredible trips she takes, with advice on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat. This blog cannot be missed, and definitely check her out on social media as well!

5. Pink Peonies

Rach Parcell focuses her blog on teaching girls how to bring beauty and style into their everyday lives. It started as a hobby for her, but took off after her wedding was featured on the cover of a magazine. Her husband now takes the photos featured on her blog capturing her beautiful sense of style. She's also launched her own clothing line, Rachel Parcell, that features many of the looks she demonstrates in her own photos. She specializes in style, beauty, and home decor, and her adorable children can be seen in photos all over her site. You can just tell what a stylish and beautiful life she lives; all her photos just glow with happiness and beauty, as well as flawless style.

6. Southern Curls & Pearls

Caitlin Covington is one of my personal favorites because she is a blogger born and raised in Charlotte, NC. She went to UNC Chapel Hill and has moved back to Charlotte, where she bases her very successful blog she started in high school. Her mom helps her out with the photos, and each one focuses on a stunning outfit and where you can find each of the pieces she wears. She has the most beautiful hair and she looks absolutely flawless in every photo she posts. Her style is anything but boring, and each post brings something new and different to the site. Her instagram has been hugely popular, where she has nearly half a million followers and shares photos of her style and inspiration she sees all over.

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