Colors of Summer

Summer is my favorite time, not just because the weather is warm and the evenings are long, but also because it is filled with the prettiest and most calming colors. There are so many ways to implement these happy colors into your life, not just in the summer but all year long. I try to make my days as colorful as I can, and I have an endless list of inspiration compiled simply due to the incredible colors I see. Below is a list of ways I dream of adding color into my life, and how you can do the same. Never be afraid to add a little color, no matter what you're doing. Coming from an artist, I believe color is one of the best ways to express yourself, even if your favorite colors are neutrals. It's amazing how colors can play and interact together and fill our lives with so much more meaning.

1. Flamingo floats are all the rage right now. But why sit in one when you can eat one, in the form of this beautiful cake.

2. Painting by Richmond, VA, artist Sunny Goode, represented at my summer job, allison sprock fine art. Goode has extensively studied the power of color on the human mind and uses it instinctively in her work to invoke relaxation and happiness. 

3. Reminds me of all the strolls through outdoor markets in Europe bursting with flowers and color.

4. Neo Whimsical Essie Nail polish, a perfect summer neutral with a hint of pink. Got it on my nails yesterday, and I can say I'm a fan.

5. Thinking of buying a bike to make getting around campus a little easier this year. And maybe a little extra floral decoration won't hurt.

6. The ultimate unicorn piñata that (contain your excitement) you can MAKE YOURSELF. Find out how here.

7. Stunning lavender art by Russian artist Bato Dugarzhapov.

8. Super-cute Soludos Flamingo Embroidered Espadrilles, because who doesn't want to wear flamingos on their feet?

9. Bunnies aren't only for Easter. This adorable pillow would be perfect in a little girl's room or a college dorm (don't let the haters hate).


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