Book Review: the Time Traveler's Wife


Well, I may have spent a few too many hours in the sun the other day (my lobster-covered legs can prove it), but I desperately wanted to reach the end of one of the most fascinating books I've ever read. Audrey Niffenegger is a genius; this book is so intelligently crafted and beautifully written. The main character, Henry, can travel through time to visit himself, his wife, Clare, and other important characters in both the past and future. The story is told unchronologically, of course, which makes it confusing at times, but enhances the effect of Henry's time travel and its complications. Henry and Clare's love story is passionate and deep; a love like theirs could make an incredible novel just by itself, but Henry's superhuman ability takes their story ten steps further. We get to know each character at every age, and slowly the reader can start to make predictions and put together the puzzle Niffenegger sets up. Henry can travel in time, but he cannot change what occurs, like in Back to the Future. This makes him feel powerless when it comes to certain things, like his impending death or trying to have a baby with Clare. He is not a normal human, and that is made clear through every normal human scenario that is much more complicated for him. The narration switches back and forth between Henry and Clare, and each chapter is short, sometimes switching narration multiple times and bouncing backwards and forwards in time, making it a very fast-paced read. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an interesting summer read! 

Tori BilasComment