First Spoon Article

 Just officially got published as a writer for Spoon University! It's a food blog completely run and fueled by college students at all the universities that participate. You can find articles covering just about any subject regarding food, from 5-day ice cream or cereal diets to tutorials covering homemade Dino egg oatmeal, rainbow grilled cheese, and more. Some articles also connect food themes to other aspects of life, such as comparisons between sitcoms and the food versions of each character. It's so easy (and fun!) to get lost on this site with all the content that college students have contributed. Every writer has his or own unique voice and perspective, making the most fascinating articles, and ideas about food no one would ever think about. My first article had to be something very close to my heart, so I chose to feature a recipe my mom started making a few years ago and now I can't go a day without: her maple-cinnamon granola. It's bursting with flavor from maple syrup, honey, cinnamon, vanilla, and almonds, and is always a crowd pleaser wherever I bring it. Store bought granolas just can't compare, and I think I could make a good bit of money if I sold this stuff. The only downside is it doesn't stay fresh for long, but my solution to that is to keep it frozen! This keeps it extra crunchy and it's never sticky. Hope someone feels motivated to give it a try on their own - it's nearly impossible to mess up! Sometimes burning it a little makes it even better with that toasty taste. Also it's always fun to make it your own by customizing it depending on your taste preferences! Enjoy!