10 Things Guaranteed to Make Us All a Little Happier During Finals

It's the most wonderful time of the year, but first, college students have to get through the most dreadful time of the year: finals. College professors enjoy giving us multiple tests of our survival skills this time of year by assigning more than can feasibly be done being enrolled only one class, almost as if they forget that most of us are enrolled in three or more other classes that are doing the same thing to us. The final week of classes is the most jam-packed week of the year, when attendance is as mandatory as ever, but seems almost a waste of time because it's taking away precious time needed to work on assignments. With papers, presentations, tests, and projects all seemingly assigned for the same 24 hours, it can be a true test of our multitasking skills just to get it all done at a decent quality. This time of year, we don't strive for perfection, we just strive for completion.

I write this post from the library, where I'm sure many of my peers are locked up inside as well, so for all of you out there struggling through the week and looking into the torture still to come, here are 10 things that made me smile today that I think might work for you too. Pass it on to anyone who needs a little uplifting for any reason. We could all use a few more reasons to smile and be reminded that the world is a good, happy, uplifting place.

1. This puppy who just may have needed Starbucks more than you did this morning to get through its "ruff" day:

2: Make yourself a dreamy breakfast in bed (or have someone else make it for you for an added bonus):

3. This F. Scott Fitzgerald quote that is #goals:

4. This kitten who has no idea that he's the most precious thing in existence: 

5. This calming playlist to remind you to relax even during the most stressful times:

6. These little baby bunny slippers that keep little feet warm and make everyone smile:

7. Drake on Cake always coming in strong with the emotional supports:

8. Everyone's favorite power movie couple reminding yourself to work hard, because it will pay off:

9. This amazing gingerbread house that's just a little too real: 

10. And just a casual reminder of why we're doing all this: 

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