My Top 10 Email Subscriptions

One of my favorite morning routines is reading through my daily and weekly email subscriptions, each of which is unique and brings me something interesting and helpful to start my day off with something new. From news to blogging to fashion to food, I feel like I get emails regarding just about every topic I'm interested in, and through the years I've tested many subscriptions and definitely filtered my inbox down to the essentials. I do not feel like I get too many emails, because I always take time to read the emails I get from the following sites, and they each enrich my day or week in some interesting way.

Many of the daily emails I get actually serve as inspiration for shaping my blog posts. I read so many interesting headlines throughout the day in my inbox that I start to think about what kind of material people actually want to read. They may be a little catered towards my personal interests, but I would say that has helped me shape my blogging style.

1. The Skimm

The Skimm is the new newspaper (sorry Charlotte Observer). The world is quickly moving towards one in which people reach for their phones first thing in the morning and only have the attention span for a few lines of text regarding the news. The Skimm has been very responsive to its audience, curating the perfect news roundup for the busy millennial to skim through before beginning the day. Reading The Skimm first thing in the morning keeps me up-to-date with the most important weekly events while also summarizing them in easy-to-understand lingo, since it usually comes before coffee for me. They also recommend killer books and delicious wines, if this wasn't enough to convince you. Subscribe here, you'll feel #cultured instantly.

2. Buzzfeed Today

We all know and love Buzzfeed. But the website has become so vast and directionless, sometimes it's nice to see just a random list of funny and interesting articles all compiled into one daily email. It most often features an article of funny tweets, something relevant to the news, a cute story that will definitely melt your heart, and something involving animals. You definitely need this each morning, so subscribe here.

3. My Domaine

My Domaine is perhaps the most interesting daily subscription I've ever read, and it has featured some of my favorite posts. This blog shares some really fascinating information and articles that all of us should really be reading. From style to career to travel and so much more, My Domaine has covered every aspect of not only your life, but also the life you want to live. It can help you improve your life in whatever way you desire, even if it's as simple as choosing a fascinating new book to read. The photography is all stunning and the subject matter is never the slightest bit boring. You need to subscribe, so do it here.

4. The Everygirl

The Everygirl sends out occasional emails featuring articles that just help girls navigate life, in every sense. From makeup, to style, to decor, to travel, and just basic life, this site is here for you when you need some advice or inspiration. The email doesn't come in very often, but when it does it is filled with interesting material and articles to enrich your day. Subscribe here.

5. Home Bunch

Home Bunch is a design blog that features only images of the latest trends in home decor. The daily emails range from featured homes to general design inspiration, and can contain 50 or more images sometimes. The blog has very sophisticated taste and tends to post images of transitional interiors, featuring light color palettes and spaces with lots of natural light. This blog reaches into my inner designer, and every email has content I fall in love with and have to share on Pinterest. This email actually comes around 11pm, so I usually allow it to be the last thing I scroll through before putting my computer away for the night. If you're weirdly obsessed with photos of home decor, subscribe here.

6. Spoon University

Spoon University is a huge, and quickly-growing, community of college food bloggers who like to write about anything and everything related to food and the college experience. I am a writer for Spoon, and I have actually been featured as the main article on the daily email, which was a hugely exciting day for me. Whether you are in college or are just looking for a little edible inspiration in your inbox every morning, this site always sends out interesting articles and Instagram photos to keep your mornings delicious. Chow down here.

7. Noelle Floyd Style

For my fellow equestrians out there, this email combines fashion and blogging with the world of show jumping. Features such as "Get The Look" and "Instagram Spotlight" bring you into the world of some of the elite show jumpers and how they bring their own unique style to the sport. It features specials on particular horses, trainers, and riders to keep equestrians around the world in the loop of equestrian style, since it's not a very widely broadcast sport. If you like horses like me, subscribe here.

8. Huffpost Lifestyle

One of the most well-rounded and generally useful emails I get everyday is Huffpost Lifestyle. Catered to men and women of all ages, this email features five or more articles from Huffpost that make your day a little more interesting. This email arrives around 5pm ET, so it goes well with a nice Chardonnay. The articles are usually based on life advice, recipes, and overall wellbeing, and I always learn something new. Subscribe here.


LiketoKnow.It is one of the coolest subscriptions I've come to know and love over the past few years. I was a university ambassador for this company my sophomore year of college, so I followed their social media accounts and subscribed to weekly emails. You begin by signing up on their website,, then whenever you "like" a photo on Instagram that features in the caption, you will receive all the information about where to purchase the outfit the user was wearing in your inbox. This has been so useful for online shopping and definitely keeps me up on the style trends, since I now follow so many style bloggers. After you've established a certain look that you typically "like," the site will send you weekly suggestions of outfits you might like. Definitely a must for anyone obsessed with online shopping. Sign up here and let the online shopping begin.

10. Peachy the Magazine

Peachy the Magazine is run by a friend of my mom's, and my mom's artwork sometimes appears on their social media. Their daily emails feature exquisite style, helping online shoppers with a higher budget. One of my favorite features is "Weekend Wants: Splurge or Steal," not only because it offers cheaper alternatives to the pricey fashion finds the blog posts, but it's one of the only emails that comes in over the weekend, when I'm disappointed to find a very empty inbox while drinking my coffee. I can always depend on these posts to help me find stylish party outfits or even gifts for friends and family. Sign up here.

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