A Resolution-Free New Year

It may seem a little strange and unconventional, but my New Year's Resolution for 2017 is to not have a New Year's Resolution. At the end of 2015, I knew a lot had to change. It was too overwhelming to even come up with one goal for myself in the new year because I just had so many aspects of my life that needed improvement. Yet somehow, I was able to accomplish everything I had hoped to and elevated myself to a new level of success and happiness. 2016 was a hard year for many, including me, and I can't help but relate to the memes of things exploding in reference to the way 2016 turned out. But the transformation from the beginning to the end of the year, for me, made it perhaps one of the best years I'll look back on later in life. 

Setting goals is a healthy and practical form of self-improvement, but why all the fuss about setting new goals at the turn of a new year? Why do we not always strive to be our best selves and avoid the the feeling of being dissatisfied when we look back at all the resolutions we do not continue throughout the year? 2017 is about to be a huge year for me. I'll graduate college, make plans for my future, and try and establish the life I'll be pursuing for the years to come. For a while I was angered and overwhelmed by anyone asking me what's coming after college, because I had no idea what to tell them, but the thought doesn't bother me anymore. I don't know what's coming, where I'll be in six months, or what I'll be doing, but I know I have all the options in the world, which is something one year ago I couldn't have imagined.

Making New Year's Resolutions implies that we're not happy with our current selves, which is a thought I'm trying to stay far away from. I feel better about where I stand than I have in a long time, and I'm not about to set a goal for self-improvement and risk thinking I'm not good enough in even the smallest form. My goal for the new year is just to continue. To keep smiling, laughing, spending time with the people I love, riding, painting, creating, and loving. One year ago I wasn't doing much of any of that, but having my life filled with those things once again is all I could ever need. And none of that will change in 2017, no matter where I go or what I choose to do. I will continue doing what I love and being with those I love regardless of what path I choose to pursue. That is how I guarantee that 2017 will be a great year, even without a resolution.

"Don't stress too much about settling on a path for 2017. The division of time into years is a human invention, and every moment of every day is another opportunity for resolution and growth. So when the fireworks fly, relax and enjoy the moment. The rest will come to you." - Beau Taplin

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