Food Blogging With a Twist

We all love a good food blog. I find myself following so many instagram accounts with scrumptious, beautifully-staged images of food that I'm mildly embarrassed by it. Just when I thought I had found all the best food insta accounts I could possibly search for, spending hours endlessly scrolling through my discover page late at night snacking in my mind, I found THIS. Perhaps the greatest food blog I've ever seen, @foodbabyny is much more than just pictures of delicious looking treats and meals. Taking the handle quite literally, creator Mike Chau photographs the beautiful eats he finds with his son, quote- "the cutest baby in NY," unintentionally photobombing every one of them. Each photo pulls at multiple heartstrings as I'm first pulled to the image of the yummy food in the foreground, then realize the hysterical face of the baby, who so clearly has no idea his father is turning him into an instagram sensation. Each photo is staged ingeniously, with the camera tricks allowing for some relationship between the food and the baby in the background, whether it be sleeping through the gap in a donut, gazing at a bowl of spaghetti, or wearing a croissant as a hat. There is a very dynamic relationship between food and baby, and neither subject matter would be as interesting by itself. Also featured are some of New York's greatest food discoveries, including Dominique Ansel Bakery, famous for their chocolate chip cookie milk shots, Spot Dessert Bar, Magnolia Bakery, and many more that I am now dying to try from this incredible journey of an Instagram account. Everyone go follow @foodbabyny, you will not regret it. 

Tori BilasComment