Artist Spotlight: The Importance of Color

To take a drastic leap from my last feature artist, this artist's focus is nowhere near the realm of realism, but uses color in an equally important, if not a more powerful and symbolic, way. Painter Jenny Prinn uses her personal reactions to color to fill her stunning canvases with organic splashes of vibrant tones that blend beautifully to form her stunning paintings. Her palette changes with each piece as she says, "Sights, tastes, feelings, memories, and nostalgia all translate into color, shape and line." Her paintings and styles change as she does, and they each reflect who she is internally and how she experiences the world around her. One aspect of her life that greatly influences her use of color is the changing seasons. Being from Maine, the winter is very long, she says, so once the desperately awaited springtime arrives, so do her vibrant, bright and happy colors, especially pink and fuchsia. 

A quote by Jenny from her website, -- 

"My inspirations are everywhere:  the way that the rain and snow splash back onto my windshield while driving; the repeating sound of a foghorn; or the taste of the salty ocean on my lips; it can be the sound of my boys' laughter or their little footsteps on the stairs; or it can be as simple as how beautiful their blackberry ice cream cones look against the green summer grass.  

My work is all about these little or 'regular' moments of life.  I try to encapsulate the fleeting nature of these little moments--how they feel, how they look, how they sound or how they taste.  Hopefully there is a sense of honesty and familiarity in my work that resonates with its viewers.  Life is such a gift and I want to record it all."

Check out an elaborate artist spotlight on Jenny by the English Room, a Charlotte-based Interior Design company, at and check out Jenny's personal website as well!

Tori BilasComment